FBRT Friendship

The FBRT runs a Friendship scheme for those who are interested in the work and supportive of the FBRT, and who want to keep in contact, share information and new discoveries, take part in discussions, receive the FBRT newsletter together with various new essays and reports, and generally be kept up-to-date on these matters.

Benefits of Friendship include:-

  • a main newsletter (biannual) with details of events, reports, philosophical insights and research;
  • event reports and extra background (e.g. historical, philosophical) information about FBRT events;
  • essays and study papers;
  • online archive of newsletters and essays;
  • links to video recordings of talks for FBRT Friends only;
  • invites to talks or events for FBRT Friends only;*
  • web forum (blog);
  • bursary scheme;
  • MailChimp emails announcing upcoming events, new essays, videos and book releases.

To be a Friend of the FBRT requires an annual subscription of £35, renewable at the beginning of each year.

* Talks or events for FBRT Friends only can be provided only when possible in an otherwise very busy schedule, so cannot be guaranteed. Opportunities for FBRT Friends to meet each other, and for Q&As, discussions, insights and sharing of knowledge, is by participating in the FBRT events and Zoom talks, and the FBRT Friends only events/talks when available.